January 2019

Sea Bravo in tow with new build casco Milano. Picture Picture 


February 2019

A.H Liguria back in Rotterdam after a rig move on the north sea. Picture

Fairmaster loading multicat Coastal Boxer in Caland kanaal. Picture

MTS Valour prepairing towing gear for double tow the to Thames. Picture Picture 


March 2019

Tug Atlantis in tow with casco Leopardo. Picture Picture

Multratug 29 underway with the JB 119 from Flushing to Rotterdam. Picture Picture

Opal preparing towage of mv Odeep One From Tallinn to Gdansk. Picture Picture Picture

LKL Middle East

Starting LKL Middle East as from today. Picture

May 2019

CC Atlantique on charter. Picture Picture

June 2019

Christos XXII heading for Malaga. Picture

 AMT Carrier underway to Bolnes. Picture Picture Picture

August 2019

After a 5-month project, the JB 115 is back in Rotterdam. Picture Picture Picture

Christos XXIV inbound with new build casco Briljant. Picture Picture 

September 2019

CC Atlantique back in Rotterdam after a project with Heerema Picture Picture Picture

 October 2019

Tugboat Isa in tow with accomodation barge Rossini. Picture Picture Picture Picture


Kamarina & Opal moored in Lekhaven. Picture

Main tow wire rplacement of tug boat Opal Picture Picture

December 2019

Christos XXII in tow with mv Interballast I to Piraeus Greece Picture Picture Picture Picture